Top Tips and Tricks from an Interior Designer

There are a ton of questions that clients always ask designers - how high should I hang my art, what size rug do I need, will this piece fit in my space? I am excited to share some of my favorite tips and tricks to help make the design process a little easier and help you complete your home. 

#1 Easy Way to Check Dimensions

Checking dimensions of furniture for your space before you buy is super important. Not only is it a hassle to return large furniture pieces, but scale can really make a difference in the design and overall look of a room. My favorite way to double check scale is with painters tape! Get the overall dimensions of the sofa, chair, rug, side table, etc. that you are wanting, and map it out on the floor. Not only will you be able to see if the piece fits, but you can get a better feel for how the room will flow with this new piece. Double check that you aren't overcrowding your space or that it will be too small and underwhelming.

Bonus Tip: Use this method to map out your artwork! Wanting to create a gallery wall or add art to your space? Tape the dimensions on the wall to see how it will look before you make any decisions.

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#2 Layer Textures

Layering textures is a great way to create character in your space and add comfort. If you feel like your space is lacking something, maybe it's a little plain or you don't like spending time there - you probably need some added layers. Throw blankets, decorative pillows, small accessories and home decor, candles, curtains and artwork are all great ways to add layers to your space. Don't be afraid to mix colors, textures and patterns to complete your look. 

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#3 Pop of Greenery

Greenery can totally transform a space. Add in faux or real plants and trees to finish out your look. Taller trees can add height and make your room feel larger, and smaller plants can complete your coffee table, side table or fireplace mantle! Greenery adds color, layers and life into any room and is super simple to do.

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#4 Rugs + Curtains

I have mentioned this before in a previous blog, but rugs and curtains are a must! These two things will turn your house into a home. Rugs and curtains add a level of comfort and help with sound absorption, which is another great way to make your space feel more cozy. If you already have these, make sure they are the correct size to add that designer feel and look. Rugs constructed with polypropylene are affordable and the best option for those who are wanting something more durable.

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#5 Correct Rug Sizing

Checking your rug size is actually super easy. My favorite look, and the most common, is to have your outer furniture half on the rug. This would most likely be your sofa and/or chairs. Measure your space using the common rug sizes, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12 and see which option works best! Use a tape measure to double check or if you have an empty space, you can do the tape method. 

Bonus Tip: Layer two rugs for a more cozy and styled look! 

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 #6 Artwork Heights

Hanging artwork and knowing heights can vary depending on the space, but here are some simple tips to guide you in the right direction! When hanging over furniture, like a console table, fireplace mantle or dresser - 8"-10" looks best. You don't want to have a huge gap between the furniture and art/mirror. It will create a more cohesive and styled look if they are closer together, even if you have high ceilings. When hanging on a blank wall, like in a hallway or behind your dining table - 60" - 65" off the ground works best. This usually comes out to about centered at eye level, which will balance out the room and give you and your guests a nice overall view of the space. If you live on the edge and like to just throw your art up without measuring, center it around eye level! 

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#7 Add Personal Touches

Creating a styled and well designed space doesn't mean you can't have your personal items or family heirlooms in sight. Personal items add character and make your space unique to you. Add your family pictures to your space, include your grandma's vase in your decor and style your favorite books on your coffee table. 

#8 Beauty in the Details

The details might seem minor, but they make a big difference in your home. Easy ways to improve the details in your home would be - switching out the knobs and pulls on a furniture piece, add nice soap dispensers to your kitchen and bathroom, switch out your paper towel holder, use decorative bowls to store keys and other small items and add decorative baskets to store throws, toys, towels, etc. These are super simple to do and can be done over time to improve the overall feel of your space. 

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What areas of design are you needing help with? Do you have any questions you can't figure out? Let me know!! 



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