2023 Home Design Trends

The home design trends for 2023 are a fun mix of new innovative thinking and reverting back to older ways of living. On one hand, there is an emphasis on earthy tones, rich colors and bold selections. On the other hand, we're seeing more mindful lighting choices as well as multi-functional spaces that can be used for work or play. At home retreats are a great addition to any home and bring comfort to your everyday life.

Earthy features

Earthy features are a great way to incorporate the feel of Mother Nature into your home. You can use natural materials like wood and stone, and add accents that will make your home feel warm and inviting.

Some ways you can do this is by adding live plants, bringing raw textures to your furniture selections or opening up windows in to more closed off living spaces.

Mindful lighting

The trend toward mindful lighting is especially evident for the new year, where you'll notice designers use it to highlight art, create a sense of warmth and comfort, draw attention to certain areas of the room and more. In fact, some kitchens have eliminated overhead lighting altogether in favor of additional task lighting such as under cabinet lights or track lights.

Lighting is an important feature when it comes to how a space will make you feel. If you have a room that has low natural light and your artificial lighting is too blue, you won't feel a sense of comfort in that space. Notice how the lighting in a space makes you feel and add things like dimmable fixtures, table lamps or wall sconces to adjust in your space.

Rich tones and bold selections

Rich tones and bold selections are an older trend that is making its way back. If you want to incorporate these concepts into your space, it's important to first understand what they mean.

A rich tone is an earthy color like brown or red that gives off warmth and comfort. It's not just about the color but also about how it's used in a room: think of a deep leather armchair or cozy carpeting with flecks of gold throughout (which will also help keep those pesky pet stains away!). A bold selection refers to when one item stands out from the rest of its surroundings—maybe it's a piece of furniture like an armchair with its own unique shape that makes it stand out from other chairs in the room, or maybe there's just one piece that has been painted such as an accent wall behind your sofa instead of being covered in wallpaper like most other walls in your house (this can also be considered incorporating texture).

How do you incorporate these concepts into home design? For starters, consider using richer hues on your walls or in your furniture. This will help to add bold interest and a unique feel to any space in your house.

Multi-functional spaces

Multi-functional spaces are great for maximizing your space. This trend definitely came about when more people started working from home, but it is here to stay. Your dining room can become your office during the day, or you can combine two spaces in one. It adds a new feeling to your home and can work for many different lifestyles.

  • A dining table that can also be used as a work desk

  • Combining a home office with a flex space

This is a trend we're seeing in many homes—and it's likely here to stay!

At-home retreats

The at-home retreat is a space within your home where you can truly unwind, relax and get away from it all. The vibe should be luxurious, sophisticated and calming.

The best part about this trend is that anyone can incorporate it into their home, many of these features can be replicated in the average person’s bathroom or backyard oasis. Innovative features such as steam showers are becoming more accessible to homeowners due to their lower cost over traditional hot tubs or saunas. Other ways to bring this feel into your daily life include installing dimmed lighting throughout your home (to encourage relaxation), adding plush seating areas or even revamping an outdoor space you don't often use.


At the end of the day, what matters most is that you find a design that works for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start with some new furniture or just want to give your old stuff a makeover, there are plenty of options out there. These trends might be helpful in guiding your choices as well! I hope this has given you some inspiration for how to turn your home into a place where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Let us know what trend is your favorite and if you are planning to revamp a space in your home in the new year!


xx Emily 

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