Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home in 2021

Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home in 2021

With a new year comes a fresh start. One way to start fresh is to change up the spaces in your home. Since everyone is spending more time at home, it is important to know that your environment affects your everyday mood and mental health. Bright light and a fresh space can lift your mood, just like a dark room and cloudy day can sometimes bring you down.  Add in new pieces or new colors to your home for an exciting start to the new year.

Here are some ways to give your space a fresh start, without completely starting over. 

Tip #1: Switch out your throw pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to update your space, without breaking the bank. You can even purchase pillow covers and use your existing pillow inserts to save money. Add pops of color, texture, layers by simply adding in throw pillows. You can mix and match as many as you'd like, as often as you'd like. 

Here are some of our favorites from Calla Collective -

Cali Pillow - $84

Cali Pillow - $84

Harlow Pillow, Mustard - $45

Nolan Pillow Cover - $60

Jonah Pillow Cover - $50

Hugo Pillow Cover, Grass Green - $50

Lyla Lumbar Pillow - $62

Frankie Pillow - $54

Tip #2: Switch up your art prints

Once you have framed prints in your space, it is super easy to change them up! This is a great way to add color, change up the style, or motivate you with quotes or travel pictures. Your art doesn't have to match the color of your space or decor, and is a fun way to add in new accents. We carry a variety of prints from modern abstract to neutral scenic! 

Canyon Print - $30

Minimalist Mountain Print - $24

Tip #3: Add Lighting/ Mood Lighting

Adding light can drastically change your space, and your mood! You may be used to the lighting you have in your space now, but trust me, a lamp can make a world of difference. Lamps can also add character and style to your space! Add one to your entry table, switch up your living room or bedroom lamps, or add one to your new home office! Calla Collective offers unique lamp options that you haven't seen at every other store.

Hollis Lamp - $127

Adler Lamp - $120

Gingko Table Lamp - $120

Arlo Terrazzo Lamp - $150

Tip #4: Adding a rug or switching out an old rug

If you don't have a rug in one of your spaces, trust me when I say, you need one! I have always said rugs and curtains are the easiest way to make a space feel homey and bring everything together. If you are worried about maintenance, get a rug made from Polypropylene. They are machine made, super durable and very affordable. You can scrub them, shampoo them and vacuum them as many times as you want and it will always look new. If you need help picking the correct size rug for your space, just let us know!

Here is an example of a room with and without a rug:

*picture from Pinterest*

With a rug - Adds character, color, contrast between the table, chairs and floor.

*Picture from Pinterest*

Room without a rug - still looks good, but definitely missing that extra softness and pop of texture.

Here are some of the rugs we currently carry:

Oakley Rug 8x10 - $296

Oakley Rug 6x9 - $256

Willow Rug 8x10 - $510

What ways have you refreshed your home for the new year? Have any questions or need help with your space? Let us know! 

xx Emily 

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