How to Find Your Interior Design Style

Finding your design style is easier than you might think. Most people hire designers to help them figure it out, but here are some simple steps you can take to help gather your thoughts and find which styles you like most. 

Step 1: Save Images

There are so many different places you can save images today. Pinterest is a super easy way to start. Even if you have no idea what style you like or what to type into the search bar, pick a space you like to spend the most time in. If your favorite is a living room, just type in living rooms designs. You will see a variety of images in all different styles - don't worry about knowing what is what, just save the images that you like most! You can also save images through Instagram (maybe you have a favorite designer you follow), magazines or even store catalogs you get in the mail. 


Step 2: Organize Your Thoughts

Now that you have all of your images in one place, take a look back through them. Once you've looked at a bunch of different things, you'll notice you don't love some of the images you saved as much as the others. Take some time to delete the ones you don't love as much and reorganize your thoughts. 


Step 3: Notice Common Factors

Look through your images and notice the common factors that stand out to you. Maybe all of your living room images have wood coffee tables, light sofas, blue walls, gold light fixtures, etc. Take note of those different properties in your images. This will start showing you pieces you like most and help you figure out the style that suits you best! 


Step 4: Identifying Your Style/Styles

It is pretty common that you'll like a blend of styles or more than one style - this is totally fine! You can probably point out the styles you like most, just by doing the first 3 steps. If you are not super familiar with the different styles, here are some details and images to help you differentiate the most common and popular styles. 

1. Farmhouse - Rustic woods, earth tones, natural decor, comfortable fabrics, touches of metals and leathers.

*photo credit: Instagram*

farmhouse, rustic design, farmhouse decor, joanna gaines


Here are some Farmhouse Style pieces from Calla Collective:

Charlie Candle Holders - $24 / $26

Theo Throw Blankets - $39

2. Modern - Clean lines, straight edges, glass, metals, clean surfaces, usually neutral or jewel tones, updated feel, minimal patterns.

*photo credit - West Elm*

west elm, modern, clean lines, modern decor, modern home, modern home decor, sleek design, clean design, neutral

Here are some Modern Style pieces from Calla Collective:

Abstract Circles 2 Print - $20

Evie Pillow Covers - $45


3. Mid-Century Modern - Fun colors, warm woods, velvets, warm leathers, modern patterns, abstract lines, glass and wood mixed furniture.

*Photo credit - Article*

article, mid-cenutry home, mid century home decor 

Here are some Mid-Century Modern Style pieces from Calla Collective:

Hugo Pillow Covers, Grass Green & Dark Teal - $50-$70

Monochrome Mid-Century Print - $20

4. Glam - High shine pieces, lots of metals, mirrored pieces, faux fur, brass or chromes, pops of color, crystal and acrylic pieces, fun patterns, feminine touches, reflective light, chandeliers, soft fabrics.

*Photo credit - Z Gallerie*

glam living room, glam home, high fashion, cozy home, z gallerie


Here are some Glam Style pieces from Calla Collective:


Brass Trays, Small & Large - $12 & $26

Gingko Table Lamp - $120

5. Boho - mix of patterns, cozy look and feel, layered space, mix of textures, natural textures, soft colors, light woods, plants, pattern accents.
*Photo credit - Pinterest*
boho home, boho style, boho home decor, layered home decor


Here are some Boho Style pieces from Calla Collective:

Chloe Pillow - $65


Botanical Illusion with Shapes Print - $25

Woven Paradisio Fans - Black Ombre - $19 & $29

 Amora Pillow - $64


Step 5: Mixing and Matching Styles

Now that you are pretty familiar with some of the common and popular styles, you can mix and match! Maybe you like Modern and Farmhouse or you like Glam and Mid-Century Modern. You will be able to find images of the styles you like mixed together, and there are no wrong pairs! You can modernize any style, add glam features, pop in boho textures and layers or accent with mid-cenutry modern colors and patterns. Ultimately, it is important for you to love your space and everything in it - because you are the one who will enjoy it everyday. 
Any questions?? Leave them below and I am happy to help!

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