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Polyester vs Down Pillow Inserts

Which pillow insert is best? How do I clean them? What size should I buy?
A complete guide to pillow inserts. Learn all the details here!

Polyester Insert

A more affordable option and usually made of polyester. Polyester inserts are great for a throw pillow, but can go flat easily. Fluff these back up with a quick cycle in the dryer or by hand! Polyester is a great option because it is a synthetic fiber and does not trap dust as easily as natural fibers. It is also great as a hypoallergenic option if you have allergy prone people in your home. Overtime the synthetic fibers will break down and need to be replaced, and are not the most eco-friendly material.  

Down Inserts

Down inserts are made from 100% feathers and are normally a more expensive option. They are the softest option and most luxurious. If you want that designer 'chop' in your throw pillows, this is the option for you! 
These are easy to fluff, soft for cozying up to and easy to maintain. Down inserts are a great option for a long lasting styled look for any space. 

How to clean your pillow inserts

Cleaning a polyester or synthetic fiber insert is pretty easy. These can usually be machine washed, but check the label for any special instructions. 
Down inserts normally should not get wet. They can grow mold and start to smell if not properly dried, so it is not recommended to machine wash them. Spot clean your down inserts if needed and be sure they are dried completely before putting a cover back on them. 

Choosing the correct insert size

You might think there is no way to mess this up, but believe me, it is possible! 
Pillow inserts come in a wide variety of sizes, but the most common are 18x18, 20x20 and 22x22. You want to go up a size or 2 from your pillow cover to ensure a super full and designer fit. For example, if you buy a pillow cover that is 18x18, you'll want a 20x20 size pillow insert! 
If you are buying a pillow that comes with an insert (especially from us) you won't need to worry about this! We make sure each cover has the proper sized insert.
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