2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Home Decor Lovers

A curated gift guide for the homebody, new homeowner or interior design and decor lovers! 

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1. Carved Mango Wood Chain - These wood chains have been a huge statement in many homes this year, and will continue to be a beautiful accent piece with its timeless shape. The wood finish works with any style of space and adds a nice natural touch to a home. This is a great gift for a friend, parent, mother in law or any home decor lover! It is a large size and a perfect stand alone gift.
2. Marmo Marble Storage Box - This beautiful marble box is the perfect gift for a home or jewelry lover! It is made of solid marble and will last a lifetime in anyones home. It is simple in style and has a beautiful matte honed finish. It is small in size and can hold personal treasures, small remotes, jewelry or any other important belongings.
3. Virgin Coconut Creme Candle - These candles are a beautiful gift for any person in your life - even the ones you aren't as close with! This candle is made with virgin coconut creme, so it does not put out any toxic chemicals into your home. The wood wick allows a smokeless burn and creates a cozy sound for any space. There are a wide variety of scents, for any special person in your life. 
4. Pale Sage Art Print - Art prints are a perfect gift for a home lover or new home owner! They can add a personal touch to a room and you can add a frame to complete this beautiful gift. This Pale Sage Art Print was originally created by a talented artist and features beautiful embroidery lines. It comes in different colors and is the perfect statement piece for a home. You can view all of them here!
5. Geo Throw Blanket - This throw blanket is perfect for a homebody, home lover or new home owner! It has a cozy and soft feel with abstract pattern for a unique finish. The black and white colors work well with any other colors in a space and is the perfect gift for layering textures or cozying up on the sofa. Its beautiful pattern and 3D finish make it a unique gift that your loved ones will cherish.
6. Linen Throw Pillows - Linen throw pillows are a high quality option and beautiful gift for anyone in your life. This one has a simple pattern and neutral color to work well with a wide variety of styles and spaces. Select a color that you know they will love or go neutral to work with existing spaces! Shop all colors and styles here!
7. Handwoven Coasters - This is a great gift for anyone in your life. Pair these with some unique glassware and their favorite drink for a thoughtful and practical gift. These macrame coasters are one of a kind and beautifully handmade with care. The terracotta and white colors are warm and inviting and will work well with a cozy home. 
8. Hand Carved Wooden Bowls - These wooden bowls are a beautiful gift for any home lover or new home owner. They are the perfect catchall for an entry space or work well holding fresh fruit, wine corks or keys! Gift these alone or fill it with your friend or family's favorite candy for a simple and practical gift.
9. Stoneware Vases - These vases are simple in style and have a beautiful glossy finish to them. They make a great gift for a home decor lover and can be bought individually, so you can get all 3 or just 1! They are a great styling piece for any style of home and will work in any room of the house. 
What will you be buying for the interior design lover in your life? Let us know!
Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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